Nyköping WinterTrailRun

Ett härligt löplopp där natur och väderlek skapar förutsättningarna för en utmanande och rolig upplevelse.

March 3 is determined 2018 race. We offer a challenging off-road course, designed for bothering the jogger and elite. With a runway of about 10500m and almost EXCLUSIVELY småstig and trackless terrain in an unpredictable season, it Becomes a race to remember.

Like running, challenges and experiences, You should set it up in Nykoping WinterTrailRun.

This year Conducted the race while Palstorps Winter Market, Which we hope will Contribute to a lovely iramning for bothering Participants and spectators.



Adress: Palstorps hage

Telefon: 070-466 80 90

E-post: info@mer-aktiv.se

Webbplats: www.wintertrailrun.se

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nykopingwintertrailrun/